2015 New Year Resolutions For Our Bollywood Celebs

2014 has been a year of controversies and many have come from Bollywood brigade. Being the hardcore Bollywood buffs that we are, we wish that our Bollywood celebs had done a tad change in themselves. We know they are sane enough, but to just make matters simpler for them, we wish to advice certain resolutions our celebs could take. Here are a few New Year resolutions we wish our celebs should take seriously.

2015 New Year resolutions for our Bollywood celebs.

2015 New Year Resolutions For Our Bollywood Celebs

Starting off we think that RK junior ought to really follow the penchant of Keep Calm. His frenzy has been creating way too much hullabaloo in the industry. The day is not far when the media will impose a ban on RK junior. Ranbir, you really need to keep your anger in check. Either that or come out in open and proclaim your undying love for your lady. That’ll shut out mouth. But anger is really not an option, bro!

2015 New Year Resolutions For Our Bollywood Celebs

Ajay Devgn was reported to be too smoky while shooting for Singham Returns. We know AJ is a chain-smoker but apparently his continual smoking became a hazard to his costar Kareena Kapoor. If reports are to be believed Kareena was angry with AJ because of his smoking habits. AJ its high-time you gave up smoking, you have a fab career and a beautiful family ahead of you. And we only mean good for you.

2015 New Year Resolutions For Our Bollywood Celebs

We know this is a concern of the entire Nation and not just us. But really, we really want Salman Khan to get married. Move over, man! Move on….Videshi bahu bhi chalegi, ab dulhan le aao, Bhai!

2015 New Year Resolutions For Our Bollywood Celebs

Speaking of fashion there are two women in this industry who have been pointed at when we speak about Fashion faux pas- Sonakshi Sinha and Vidya Balan. We utterly respect these ladies but we think critics ask for better. A makeover won’t harm the two of you. Try it!

2015 New Year Resolutions For Our Bollywood Celebs

Controversies are Aamir Khan’s age old allies. They happen to be around wherever Aamir is present. And many a times always, there are controversies before or post release of the film. This pattern has become so common that we are sure it is instigated on purpose. We’d say it’s high time that Aamir stops doing that.

2015 New Year Resolutions For Our Bollywood Celebs

Next up should be Prabhu Dheva. Why? Because he may be a phenomenal dancer but his movies have the same’ol themes. Firstly, Sonakshi is an oft repeated element in his films, then there is unnecessary maar-dhad and one too many cameos! From Wanted to Action Jackson, PD’s graph only seems to decline. PD give us something new, man.

2015 New Year Resolutions For Our Bollywood Celebs

We know that industry puts lot of pressure on the actresses and that’s why they opt to go under the knife. Recently, Anushka Sharma too did that and we really feel she shouldn’t have. Anushka we empathize with you but we really think you shouldn’t take that route. We loved you just the way you were. We love you still but let your natural beauty be.

2015 New Year Resolutions For Our Bollywood Celebs

Now, this is for the starlet who chooses to be pricey by continually rejecting number of films and then acts being gracious. Not happening. Not at all, happening with your fans, Kareena. We’d have loved to watch you in Ram-Leela, Fashion, Kal Ho Na Hoi but alas, it was never to be. However, now that you have rejected these films and it has filled the kitty of other actresses, it is your folly and not generosity on your part that’s given them the film. We want to see you in films, item numbers and item girls come and go!

2015 New Year Resolutions For Our Bollywood Celebs

There ought to be some resolution imposed on Sanjay Dutt for he seems to have taken the character of Khalnayak far too seriously. He escaping the prison has become regular news. We want Dutt to abide by law and complete his jail term. He isn’t privileged citizen of the nation, he is a common man who committed a crime and needs to be punished.

2015 New Year Resolutions For Our Bollywood Celebs

Mallika Sherwat might have a milkshake named after her as an ode to the actress but she has no right to bad mouth about Indian government, we feel. Apparently she is speaking a lot about how rape cases aren’t given appropriate justice in India but she is doing so on international podium. We think you ought to take a resolution and stop doing that, woman.

2015 New Year Resolutions For Our Bollywood Celebs

Shraddha Kapoor, she is a number ever since Aashiqui 2 but we think she should try to stop picking up the roles where all she is does is sulk or sob or act somber. She ought to get out of the quiet, girl-next-door image and come out as the vivacious lady that she is.


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