Hogwarts, Magic And Potter Mania- Experience All This In College Of Wizardry, Poland Where Magic Comes Alive

Ever since the first Harry Potter book was out, we all have been eagerly waiting for the day when we too would get invited by Hogwarts. While this was only a product of Rowling’s imagination yet she got the ball rolling. All of you who have been dying to study at a wizardry school can now fulfill their dreams. There is a school of wizardry started in Poland by HP fans. The school is called as College of Wizardry. CoW started off with a larp event held in November 2014. The event which was held by HP fans had volunteers from Denmark and Poland. It took place in Polish castle of Czocha where the participants enacted the characters of teachers, students and other fictional characters from Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The event was much like the Nordic larp tradition where the participants live the make-a-believe world. It had participation from 11 different countries and over 190 participants. Because of popularity of the event there will be a repeat in April 2015. Those who have participated last year will be able to continue their act and the newcomers can start afresh. While this college of witchcraft and wizardry is nothing like Hogwarts with no Muggles and no Quiddtich, it is still a college for wizardry with tradition, history, artwork, witchcraft and houses. Yes, houses. Like Hogwarts, this school of witchcraft does have its own houses namely, Faust, Libussa, Molin, Durentius and Sendivogius and every house’s task includes completing SPELL i.e. Senior Protective Enchanter’s Lifelong License. Here is the video documentary that helps you understand this college better. Now, that your dream of graduating from Wizardry school like Hogwarts can come true, $345 is but a small price to pay!

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