This Tribute By Hrithik Roshan To Kishore Kumar Will Have You In Splits!

Bollywood can crack you up and make you cranky all at the same time. But there are times when we wonder what goes on behind the curtains. All that we see is the curtain being raised and curtains being pulled down. However, we are often and always curious to get that sneak peek of behind the scenes. This latest video by Hrithik Roshan is not only a tribute to a yesteryears magnificent singer-actor Kishore Kumar but it is a sneak peek into the character of Rohit Mehra.

In this video Hrithik, who sports a paunch and a aged look of Mehra, happens to sway and groove to beats of “Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi Si”, a popular track by Kishore da. What’s beautiful is that Hrithik is quirky and hilarious throughout the video. So much is he into the character that he gets you too involved and the overload of the cuteness is sure to leave you in splits!

Check it out…

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