Fridaymoviez Top 5 Comedy Short Films That Will Leave You In Splits

While living this fast paced metropolitan life we have become way too sophisticated and absolutely forgotten to laugh our lungs out. Many television shows have had comedy series, Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma has been doing exceptionally well. The only reason why the show is popular amongst audience is because it is nuanced. It isn’t melodrama we are looking out for after a day’s hard work. We wish for something light and funny. Something that will crack us up! However, not much can be found while surfing the plethora of channels. But while surfing the internet you are sure to bump into some never before seen quirky comedy short films. We found some from our stack of short films. FridayMoviez Top 5 Comedy Short films that will leave you in splits!

Wicked Whiskers

Pride is universal but what if you had to compete to be pridest amongst all?  A unique competition where pride is at stake.

Mr. Speaker

Another from the land of Idlis and Dosas, a funny tale of a common man trapped in dirty politics but the turn of events will crack you up!

Debt Trap

Credit Cards are nothing but hell let loose on earth. It is a way of the marketing world to allure us into buying and ultimately turning us to shopaholic.

Suitcase Stories

Life is a circle, it takes you back to your roots some or the other day. See what happens when closet secrets come out in open.

Zero Kilometers

Believe in jinx and miracles? Think of luck and unluck often? Then you have to watch this film.

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