Hullabaloo Over MSG Continues. Social Media Becomes A Soft Target.

There has been no dearth for complaints issued against the Censor Board of India. Despite the fact that we hate them, we cannot ignore them. Their views and their certificate matters. Our films are always at the mercy of Censor Board and which is why Bollywood endures them with enough humility. However, this time at gunpoint wasn’t any film but censor board itself. Such was the impact of the blow that the entire team of Censor Board members walked out! Resignations by the board members is a usual in the censor board panel. After granting certification to PK, two of the board members resigned citing that the film is likely to hurt feelings of Hindus. However, it was the first time when an entire panel quit the show, post the film MSG was granted certification for screening. It is a shame for a film which stars controversial guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was the one that helmed this action. The film which is provoking and is been opposed by the Sikh community will soon see the light of the day. The more disturbing part of the whole issue is that the film glorifies DSS chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh who has been levied with many criminal charges. The film, although has no objectionable matter yet will most likely disrupt the communal harmony, law and order, say the experts. The release date which keeps postponing is perhaps the cry from the filmmakers that they themselves are apprehensive of releasing the film. Furthermore, the Punjab government has already banned the screening of the film under section 144 keeping in view the protests of Sikh organizations as also the authorities have asked the DSS chief to clarify if he is an actor or a saint! In response to this query, Gurmeet Ram Rahim has said that he is a mere mortal and the acts shown in the film are mere stunts and nothing else! Stunts or not, the film has sure created a mass following and mass adversaries for itself post the controversy ensued. Here are some of the tweets we came across that speak in favour of the film. #MSG: #MessengerOfGod #MSG: #MessengerOfGod #MSG: #MessengerOfGod #MSG: #MessengerOfGod #MSG: #MessengerOfGod Here are some of the tweets we came across that speak against the film. #MSG: #MessengerOfGod #MSG: #MessengerOfGod #MSG: #MessengerOfGod #MSG: #MessengerOfGod #MSG: #MessengerOfGod It doesn’t really matter if you in favour of the film or not ‘coz social media is giving enough leverage to the film already! Meanwhile, check out the trailer… Do let us know what you think of this whole issue in the comments below J


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