Nation Wants To Know: Do You Think That National Anthem Before The Start Of The Film Has Made Any Difference In Our Attitude?

#HappyRepublicDayIndiaThe movie goers and the movie buffs who are often in awe of First Day First Shows or even the critics would often wonder what use is the National anthem just ahead of a film? We wonder and you do too. Being made mandatory by law we obligingly get up from our seats, let go of the excitement and stand in attention while the National Anthem goes on. But how many of us really like this law forced upon us by the government. And most importantly has that made any real difference in our attitude towards our nation? We took a poll in this regards. And we got some kickass answers.

Rohan D’souza believes that National Anthem before a raunchy cinema, perhaps the one that stars Sunny Leone or Poonam Pandey, makes one feel weird. It certainly does, we agree. However, we, reviewers, have so become used to this National Anthem syndrome that we don’t let that creep us anymore.

One of our readers who asked for anonymity said that, “People who used to be patriotic before it became mandatory in cinemas are still patriotic. As for those who have never harbored such feelings all of sudden won’t turn patriotic! As also this looks like an attempt to force people to be patriotic.”

Karen Fernandes too has similar opinion, “People didn’t seem to care enough about the national anthem before being made mandatory, they don’t care after.” Exactly our view ‘coz patriotic feelings can never be evoked; they are instilled in us since our birth. If we believe in our religion and our state; our nation is just the same belief we need to comprehend.

Kaushik Panchal, an IT professional says that, “Forced patriotism works exactly like those stubborn parents forcing their kids who do not want to study. I mean, why cinema? Why not at government offices? Why not at police stations? Why only at cinema halls? I feel its wrong thing at the wrong place at wrong time. 11 in night, you go for movie and you have to stand up for national anthem. I think it will be better if they play national anthem at police station and government offices. Those serving the government will feel more patriotic. ”

Ashwin Fernandes on the other hand thinks that people do it as a routine and never out of respect because “anthem or no anthem, cinemas are made for movies and movies alone!”

While there are those who have experienced a change in the attitude of people. Sanjay Singh, a banker by profession says, “To some extent the attitude of people has changed ‘coz at least in theaters we try to imitate others and show some respect towards our nation and our National Anthem.”

But the question is does imitating count as being patriotic. And really, why does patriotism only arise when our nation becomes a target of the terrorists? Post such fateful incidences we see number of rallies, marches, bandhs and what not! But why can’t we as citizens of Nation make our Nation stronger. Does enrolling in Army, Navy, Air Force mean that we are patriotic? Does standing up for National Anthem mean that we are patriotic? How does one determine what is patriotism?

Making National Anthem mandatory in cinemas may be government’s POV but the audience has their opinion and it absolutely doesn’t affirm with the law.

What is your view on this topic, do let us know….


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