Highest Rated Bollywood Film on IMDB, Baby

Just last year in October we had a film that evoked controversies and interest alike. The film Haider proved to be a magnum opus delivered by India which scored critical acclaim from around the world. When we thought that 9.0 was the highest any Bollywood film could get on IMDB we were proven wrong with the release of yet another masterpiece, Baby, last week.

The film which has gained not only critical acclaim but also tremendous applause from the audience is tour de force of Special 26 director Neeraj Pandey. The film which focuses solely on the storyline and is devoid of the nonsensical song and dances sequences has been grossing good funds in the Box Office. The belief of most Indian filmmakers that songs and dances are crowd pullers has been proven wrong.

And proven wrong is the fact that Akshay Kumar isn’t the superstar of Bollywood. Action Kumar as we affectionately call him, post the release of this film, has given some dreadful comedies last year. Although many found this film closer to being yet another Holiday but the film has ably proven otherwise.

Just last week the film was rated as 9.8 on IMBD which later became 9.7 then 9.4 but has been able to retain the numero uno post by being the highest rated Indian film so far with 9.1 score.

Akshay Kumar's Baby review

Akshay Kumar's Baby review

Akshay Kumar's Baby review

Statistically also it has been able to reach the masses be it the under 18 boys and girls, middle aged audience or 45 years+ viewers.

Akshay Kumar's Baby review

The film has casted a similar spell by grossing 86% likes on rotten tomatoes.

Akshay Kumar's Baby review

Do you as an audience agree with this rating? Write to us your reviews of the film herewe are waiting 🙂


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