This Spoof On Obama-Modi Friendship Will Make You Laugh Out Loud Literally!

Like we said yesterday, there was too much noise about Obama In India, so much that the hashtag still remains amongst the trends in India. Obama quoting SRK was yet another eyeball grabbing incident. Mentioning Mary Kom, Milkha Singh in his speeches only added to the fire. Now, we know that there are enough fans for Obama in India and we all wish to join hands with America to walk towards progress. But then what’s life without fun! Obama coming to India may have been a huge event for the central government, it was for us too, but then there were some creative keedas which came up with a few quirky stuff.

Out of all the videos that have gone viral, we found this and it is nothing less than a treasure trove. It tickles you from the first frame itself and continues to slap sarcasm one after another.  Be it Modi seated on a Lotus or the dig at his favourite breakfast or on Pamela Anderson, the entire video simply makes you laugh out loud.

Now, we just wish to see a spoof on Obama and SRK, soon!


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