If Condoms Were Named After Bollywood Films!

Bollywood has opened up to sex talk and Ranveer Singh’s dashing advertisement for Durex says it all. Rex Talks having doing the rounds of social media. And it is always better to encourage it. We can laugh about it, shy away from the topic but the reality won’t change. We need to openly speak about S.E.X. Banning the sex education from schools won’t stop the curious minds from delving into the topic. Rather it is most likely that they may go haywire. Try some wrong avenues to vent out their curiosity. It is high time we open up. Laugh about it, laugh over it, but let’s just open up.

After series of images that sported brands on the condom sachets, we thought why not try the same trick on with the movie names. It is raunchy but it is fun and fun that’s not to be ignored.

Note: For all those productions houses out there, this is just for FUN; please do not take it otherwise.

You are a fool if you don’t wish to be an Action Jackson!


Bewakoofiyaan is good, but don’t be a Bewakoof!


Life is sure going to laugh out loud and say …


….if you don’t say “Yes” to safe sex.

Safe sex is sure to bring in….


And always a….happy-new-year

Or you might just get caught up in…


…and then there might be an….


…if despite of being….


…you shy away from “Safe Sex”!

No matter what age you are, you….


….should also be willing to take protection! ‘Coz that how you will get a….


…for it is not mere….


It is life! So have an awesome threesome as you two include this one in your private space….


And if you are amongst those who do not hesitate in liking, sharing, commenting and laughing out loud on this post then that’s what we call the real….Heropanti

PS: All the films are last year’s releases. We plan to do something similar with films releasing this year. Keep posting your suggestions and watch this space if you really liked this post!

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