Hate Honey Singh’s Lyrics? Then You Gotta Hear This Rap!

We have been petrified of Honey Singh’s songs. His genre and the lyrics are done to death. He has amplified the beauty of the lady he glorifies with his lyrics in his videos. But he has certainly not cast the same effect on us, out here. He may have charmed all the Bollywood but we have seen heard the worst of him! He has slain morality and now as he slays beauty, we cannot adhere to his cheap lyrics further. His unreal lyrics and his identical raps have left us sullen and his “I swear chhoti dress me bomb lagdi menu” isn’t a compliment at all! Rather it equals him to the street urchins who use insipid pick-up lines to tease chicks!

What this girl does amazes us and leaves us speechless. She rotes the lyrics and emulates the style of Honey Singh, flinging his yoyo ball at him! We absolutely love the way she directs the directionless lyrics of the rapper who became a star overnight. Kudos to Rene Sharanya Verma from Delhi Poetry Slam!

Now that this open letter to Honey Singh is much too open, we hope that he starts taking his lyrics and his music a tad too seriously! We only wish that he appreciate the intrinsic beauty of a woman, glorifying cosmetics don’t do good to anyone and neither will misogynist lyrics.


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