Kontroversial Kup Of Koffee!

Out of the many television reality shows, the best gossip often comes hot and pipping from the couches. Don’t take it otherwise. But yes, couches are the hot seats and it isn’t the patent for Kaun Banega Crorepati anymore. Couching is much like lounging for cinema lovers and gossip mongers. Be it rendezvous or simply a brewing cup of coffee, we love it when B-Town gets candid. Koffee With Karan is one reality chat show which has established itself well over the years and not only for being the most liked Telly chat show but for being the most controversy evoking show! Last year many celebs graced the most coveted KWK couch but only these few made it to the controversy list. While Salman created uproar with his vestal statements, others too came up with something spunky.

Here’s a list.

Boyfriend in question makes us wonder if the truth is in denial or denial is in truth? Priyanka sways the question, rather, swats it, but then Karan makes the entire gossip obvious to his audience.

Bebo’s generosity prompts Deepika to come up with a profession more equivalent to her gracious nature. By giving away the roles that could have changed her life, Bebo has been doing charity to her competitors in the market, so we think! But then choosing charity over career, is sure generous of her, don’t you think?

Gossip Columnist? Now that sounds like a fine career a Bollywood journo would love to pick but then again the person in question isn’t a journalist but a fine actress from an uber fine (filmy) family!

This one has one too many controversies because it is Sonam who is been quizzed.  On one hand where once again gossip subject pops up (and the name associated is not unusual at all, Karan too agrees) and on the other Sonam disperses Fashion advice to her fellow starlets, watch out what she has to say.

Whoa, this had to be it! The Kodak moment, the best moment from Koffee With Karan. Ranveer speaks truth for how else can you categorize Kamaal R Khan? Even we can’t do it!

This gossip column thing becomes a repeat in every episode and now we truly believe these celebs, for why would anybody lie about being a gossip monger!

This one is interesting and it goes on to be the superlative of interesting. Not only does Parineeti express her undying, unfazed love for Kamaal R Khan but her answers leave you in stitches. And to add to it there’s Alia Bhatt sitting next to Parineeti…watch…watch…watch the game unfold…

This was a bomb dropped on us without intimation. Logically, bombs are dropped without intimations but then again, we were left sullen and this statement by Kareena brewed one too many controversies. Considering the world takes her gossips seriously, this isn’t a miss for sure!

While Kajal is the diplomatic chick on couch trying to be the perfect homemaker that she is, Ayan’s humor is not just show stopper but truthful confession.

Farah Khan plays it safe but Abhishek Bachchan is candidly controversial from question one. Be it calling Ranveer-Deepika ‘Friends with benefit’ or giving away ‘The foot in the mouth award’ to Sonam Kapoor, he has no qualms about it.

The answer to which Mahesh Bhatt promptly calls vicious is perhaps based on facts. We have seen how Mallika Sherawat is trying to grab eyeballs. Many a times it works in her favour but mostly she turns out to be nothing but a laughing stock. No matter how far flung her Hollywood popularity might be, she is trying really hard to succeed in Bollywood and it shows! Emraan isn’t wrong about it.

What think you of these fire spitting rapid fires from Koffee With Karan? Write to us in the comments below.

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