5 Bollywood Men You’d Want To Date This Valentine!

Just around the corner love blooms, flowers mate, birds chirp, spring brings along a perkiness like never before. It happens to be the love month, month of February. And excitement just doubles. Hopeless become hopefuls, already hopefuls instantly dare to date, already dating get engaged and those engaged get married. 14th Feb. is D-Day when maximum marriages around the world take place. And exactly 9 months down the line, India celebrates Childrens’ Day. Amusing fact, is it not? Well, love birds frolic in this month (actually they do in every month but this month happens to be special.) Teddy Day, Chocolate Day, Rose Day, and many other such lovey-dovey-never-before-heard-days come to greet us with bright smile. Boyfriends are usually cautious for this month leaves a hole in their wallet, literally. And girlfriends are usually careless, ahem…yes, careless, they open their hearts overtly! Dreamers dream and sulkers….sulk. However, we like the dreamers better. And here is what we offer – a date with a Bollywood celeb? Sounds fun, but who could be your dream date? Take a pick…here is our list…. 5 Bollywood Men You’d Want To Date This Valentine! Salman Khan is every girl’s man of her dreams. His traits might not be resounding but he is The Bad Boy of Bollywood. He does exactly what the world hates but girls drool over him. He makes us swoon. He the gentleman in the guise of a bad boy and he is perfect boyfriend material, we feel. He is diplomatic, he is generous, he is rogue but he is he! The latest crop of actors boasts of a fine lad Varun Dhawan. He is cute, naughty, a total hero material. But he is as good as a college boyfriend. If you like the old wines, this one isn’t your dream date for sure. But if you wish to feel forever young, he is the man! 5 Bollywood Men You’d Want To Date This Valentine! Sidharth Malhotra is again from the latest crop of actors who we wouldn’t wish to eliminate from this list. He is rough, brawny as much as sweet and adorable. He can make you go weak in the knees in just one look. If he is the one to give you a second look, take him seriously! 5 Bollywood Men You’d Want To Date This Valentine! One actor who is passionate about his passion is Shahid Kapoor. Before Haider, trade pundits, film critics assumed that he might be fading away. But he made a great comeback and took away the Best Actor. He has not only become critics’ favourite but has raised the hotness quotient with his impeccable acting ability & physique. Aditya Roy Kapur might have fizzled with his performance in Daawat-E-Ishq but he sure won one too many hearts in the garb of “Taaru”. He was the coarse yet he was sophisticated and we loved his way of expressing his love! Add to that his phenomenally romantic getto of Rahul Jaykar aka RJ, now would you or would you not wish to date him? So, who amongst these is your Dream Date, take a poll!

PS: Here is the list of the upcoming days: 7th February : Happy Rose day 2015 8th February : Happy Propose day 2015 9th February : Happy Chocolate day 2015 10th February : Happy Teddy day 2015 11th February : Happy Promise day 2015 12th February : Happy Kiss day 2015 13th February : Happy Hug 2014 14th February : Happy Valentines day 2015

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