5 Bollywood Divas You’d Want To Date This Valentine!

Yesterday we suggested the 5 men from Bollywood who could be the perfect dates for this valentine. Considering that Ranveer and Arjun have lowered their standard by getting themselves roasted, they have turned us off. So much that we do not wish to look up to them as perfect gentlemen we would like to share a candlelight dinner with. However, for all the guys out there candlelight dinner is just the perfect date idea if you plan to take one of these Bollywood divas out on a date!

5 Bollywood Divas You’d Want To Date This Valentine!

Alia Bhatt comes from that crop of actresses who are naïve, still new to the industry yet have ably established their status. Granted that she does have affluent background yet she has impeccable acting skills, inherent or honed. She is innocent, she is sexy, she is sagacious and she is the feisty young actress who is just the perfect girl you ought to date.

Another feisty actress from the latest crop of actors happens to be Shraddha Kapoor. Unlike her father, she is beautiful, she is dashing and an exceptional singer and actress. A soft-spoken fashionista, she is clever and currently is touted to be the most wanted diva in the advertising industry.

5 Bollywood Divas You’d Want To Date This Valentine!

She acts like a doll as much as looks like one. Katrina Kaif, one of the leading ladies of Bollywood might be a firang but within less span of time has rooted herself in the Indian cinema!  As graceful as she looks in western, she looks equally elegant in a saree. In short, you might want to date her but she is also the girl you will want to introduce to your mother. (But before that make sure your mother hasn’t watched the movie Boom!)

If you love people who speak their mind aloud, who have no qualms about what the world thinks or acts then Parineeti Chopra is a perfect match for you. She has been forerunner to point out many sensitive issues which other celebs might have turned their deaf ear to. She is sensible and wouldn’t wish to associate herself with roasts that are gaining moment. She is a self-made B-town chic who is perky, lively and expressive.

Lastly, we only voice the thoughts of many.

She is a dream date and there are no two thoughts about it.

sunny leone

So take a poll and let us know who would be your dream date this valentine!

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