8 Bollywood Actors Who Did Odd Jobs To Survive The Fury Of Life!

Bollywood is the world of lights, camera, action. It takes gutsy people to even mop floors in this industry. This path to famous may be instant but is very rugged. Ups and downs isn’t the appropriate phrase. Superlatives for struggle describe Bollywood better. You can dream of being an actor but to be an actor it may take you ages. Keshto Mukherjee and A.K.Hangal thought they could be leads in the film and what did they get? Best Supporting Actor Awards! Although we know them but they weren’t hero material, as we call it. But those amongst the millions who were hero material they too couldn’t shy away from struggles. These actors that we are about to list indeed built the fortune from rags to riches. From scrubbing floors to being a bus conductor, these guys have taken up odd jobs. Indeed this has helped them alleviate themselves but if the truth be told, this is what they did for a living…

Bollywood Actors Who Did Odd Jobs

Smriti Irani who is currently the Minister of HRD of India and one of the most revered Bahu of our age, was an employee at McDonalds. Irani would scrub and mop the floors, is what we are told. From mopping the floors to going bling-bling in the jewelry and 6 yard expensive sarees and to being the Vice-President of Leading National Party, she has come a long way.

Bollywood Actors Who Did Odd Jobs

Dreams are what we see with eyes wide open, as the old adage goes and it stands true for National Award Winning director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. Perhaps it was because of the circumstances or out of his love for cinema but this man took up the job to serve tea as a spotboy! So our PMO alone wasn’t the one who became a hit because he was a chaiwala, Mehra did too!

Bollywood Actors Who Did Odd Jobs

One actor who is thoroughly grounded and comes from a humble background, happens to be Nawazuddin Siddiqui. We know that he was a junior artist and at times went starving for days at a stretch for he couldn’t find himself a job amongst the other junior artists. But this man, whom we shall spot as a junior cast in many films including Sarfarosh, used to be a chemist for a petrochemical company and to survive the wrath of hunger, he even worked as a watchman.

Bollywood Actors Who Did Odd Jobs

3 Idiots without Virus, Munnabhai without Dr. Asthana would have been bland, if at all comedies. But Boman Irani added a dash of spice of his personality to the whole act and contributed to its success. But what if Irani had remained in the hospitality industry serving as room service waiter forever? We would never have the impressive films that he stars in!

Bollywood Actors Who Did Odd Jobs

Now this might come as a shock but not surprise for a veteran actor of Hindi cinema was a fruit seller before he came down to Mumbai to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor. Dilip Saab as we affectionately call him would run the family business of selling fruits when he was in Peshawar, post the partition, the film moved to India.

Bollywood Actors Who Did Odd Jobs

Another veteran from the film industry, Dev Saab who cast his spell on the audience with his exceptional writer, actor, directorial skills! This man who was employed with Censor Board as a clerk made an insignificant signature significant with his mater touch.

Bollywood Actors Who Did Odd Jobs

Much like the superhero Rajinikanth, veteran and versatile actor-comedian Johnny Walker too was a bus conductor. Later when Guru Dutt spotted his talent, he became a known face in showbiz!

Bollywood Actors Who Did Odd Jobs

One more from the classic list of actors, Mehmood. This legendary comedian might have tickled your funny bone many a times but to be there and be “The” star, he not only sold poultry and worked as a driver but also taught table tennis to Meena Kumari.

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