If Hollywood Films Were Remade In India

Bollywood is often experimental and it is always that we copy Hollywood. Be it in terms of fashion, director, story or songs, we like to remake. It is the buzzword Bollywood thrives on. However, now that this is no more behind the closet we wonder who would star in the Hollywood films if they were to be the “official remake” of the original films, as they call it. We have seen Bang Bang bashing the box office and soon we will see the remake of The Fault In Our Stars, although the star cast is yet to be zeroed down on. Speculations are rife about who shall play the leads and the two names have sprung up: Deepika Padukone and Varun Dhawan. While Varun is relatively too young to star opposite Deepika the question remains, can they pull off the characters of teenagers?! Whatever the case, we think that since Bollywood is high on this trend then they should take their works and frames also too seriously. Here is our opinion on who can be the starcast for the following Hollywood flicks.

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

We think that Sonam Kapoor is the best casting for this film for who is better than the Fashionista herself to go crazy over shopping and consequent candid confessions. She hasn’t yet starred as a journalist and it will be good to see her pull off that look. However, we think Sonam will add an edge if she stars in most of the chic flicks, what say you?

If Hollywood Films Were Remade In India

City Of Angels

This film that starred Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cage was a beautiful, romantic fantasy drama. We can see reflections of Kajol in the character that Meg Ryan plays and we think that Akshay Kumar would be perfect fit for the character of Seth which was played by Cage.

If Hollywood Films Were Remade In India

Lord Of The Rings

We are still clueless about the other casts but we think that Amitabh Bachchan can essay the role of Gandalf whereas Aamir Khan can be Frodo. One amusing character out of the lot happens to be Gollum and according to us it should go to Rajpal Yadav.

If Hollywood Films Were Remade In India If Hollywood Films Were Remade In India If Hollywood Films Were Remade In India

No Strings Attached

A favourite of ours and hope it is yours too. However, if Bollywood was to remake this film our choice for the cast would be simple and straight-forward, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Not that Ranbir can be Indian Ashton Kutcher but he would be good while the film lasts.

If Hollywood Films Were Remade In India

What Happens In Vegas

We ‘got lucky’ that we saw a film closer to WHIV but it wasn’t entirely a remake. But considering it was a close catch, we would want Imran and Kareena to star in the remake of this film.

If Hollywood Films Were Remade In India

The Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler what can be more amusing! But this Ugly Truth if made in India is incomplete without Lolo and Salman, what say?

If Hollywood Films Were Remade In India

The Devil Wears Prada

Fashion and sense is what this film is but its Indian remake ought to feature Anne Hathaway look alike Dia Mirza if they plan to take the idea seriously, that is.

If Hollywood Films Were Remade In India

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