College Of Wizardry Will Be Back With A New Larp

Earlier we had told you about the College Of Wizardry an initiative to live like the witches and wizards and to graduate with a Wizardry degree. This event which takes place for a few days gives you a chance to act student and learn many magical tricks of trade. This LARP, short for Live Action Role Play, has over 100s of participants who dress up and pretend to be a character, some can act as a professors trying to take magic classes and others are students either trying to learn the tricks or getting into the trouble. There isn’t a script per se but just characters. It is more like how you’d play let’s pretend in your childhood except here you have a proper settings, costumes and real events unfolding.

Last year in November COW did its first LARP which gained accolades from all corners of the world and this year too COW shall come up with more such LARPs. The event is thoroughly crowd funded and the mad enthusiasts who started the initiative are aiming to buy their own castle. “If we raise more money, we can do more events. And if we manage to raise one million dollars, then we’ll buy our own freakin’ castle in Poland. That’s the dream,” says Project Cordinator Claus Raasted. They believe that magic may not be real but together we can definitely do something magical.

College Of Wizardry Will Be Back With A New Larp

College Of Wizardry Will Be Back With A New Larp

We have been so gripped in the world of Harry Potter that this opportunity to be in that zone and experience that zeal seems like once in a lifetime moment to us. Much like Hogwarts, COW too has its own rich history, art, tradition, witchcraft and the houses. Faust, Libussa, Molin, Durentius and Sendivogius are the houses that COW offers. We do not know if there happens to be a talking hat and if she will allow us to be in one of our favourite houses but the compelling look and feel of the concept adds an edge to the initiative and makes it way too attractive. The event unfolds at Castle of Czocha, the fairytale castle where you will have to go through three years of schooling namely Juniors, Sophomores and Seniors and you’d get to choose five career paths Aurors, Curse Breakers, Healers, Magizoologists and The Unspeakables.

This is although not the exact replica of Hogwarts it is human Hogwarts open to all the Muggles out there desparate enough to live their fantasy of going to a magic school similar to Hogwarts. So what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself for the next LARP that happens in April!

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