5 films Ranbir Kapoor could have avoided!

Roy has been utter waste of time and our reviewer has been outrageously vocal about. Ranbir was an absolutely wrong casting for the film. Ranbir has much caliber and he could have utilized it by signing some other movie. However, everyone does a mistake at some point of time in their lives. But it looks like Ranbir has done more than one mistake. Ranbir is a man made for unconventional performances like Rockstar and Barfi. He has a glamour quotient which makes him the man of classes but he has intelligent films in his kitty which also makes him the man of the classes. It is rare in the film industry that an actor single handedly wins the hearts of both classes and masses. In just 7 years of his Bollywood career he has become a heartthrob of the Bollywood lovers. He has fan following for his charming demeanor as much as for his envious style. He is casual punk but we only wish he had taken a hearty decision while signing some uber frivolous films!

Besharam 200 This film tops the disasters In RK junior’s career. We don’t really understand why would he strip of to do such inane Besharami? It wasn’t his genre and it was his style. A ruffian falling for a good looking damsel- the story sounds fine, but what was with the murky dialogues like Tumhare ragaon rabdi daudti hai rabdi? Whoever says that to a girl they like?

Bachna Ae Haseeno tumblr_n98rxwOnTB1rwbf4ro2_250 Ranbir may be the playboy of B-town having severe commitment issues but then he is just acting pricey like the other superstars would. Bollywood is commitment phobic but then essaying such a role on screen was totally a bad idea Ranbir. We get it that YJHD was something similar where a womanizer falls for a marriage material typa chick but then he doesn’t go around righting the wrongs, you see? That was a hitch in the film and Ranbir could have absolutely well without it. But we wonder if he did this film only to promote his love life?

Anjaana Anjaani tumblr_nj75ppqQvs1tq73owo2_500 This film has not only bad casting and bad scripting but it is absolutely a bad influence on psychology. Like who plans double suicide? And like a pact? People hate when someone, anyone, mocks at their intelligence. This film was one such attempt by the filmmakers.  Did you notice that Priyanka looks way older than Ranbir?

Saawariya tumblr_nig2t7x70y1st0o3jo8_r1_250 We know this film was the reason why we have Ranbir Kapoor in the film fraternity today but then we that boy had so mucha talent then why did SLB waste it on a towel dance! Whatever made him feel that showing off butts on-screen sell? Well, we never liked to see the stars flaunting their butts on-screen unless we are talking about Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise! TeeHee

Roy 10978676_10153073942673866_1149429164342667413_n The film was so drag and boring that even RK junior couldn’t save it from drowning. The film was destined to go in bins, but why did Ranbir sign such a toddy compilation of mystery sans mystery and romance sans romance, is the question! Do you to agree with us? Which film according to you RK junior should have avoided? Write to us in the comments below.


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