Just Another Day- Women’s Day

8th March touted to be the International Women’s Day. The world celebrates the spirit of womanhood. There are so many initiatives held around the world, it’s officially no working day for women (or is it?). The one, who nurtures you, protects you, teaches you, heals you, inspires you, who works ceaselessly for 24×7, 365 days of the year for your better future, for your fortune, gets just a single day as a tribute to her! Why? May be this will enlighten the world about the courageous spirit of some women but will that gain them respect? No! One day won’t make any difference. Never has. Never will.

We read some tweets of the Bollywood celebs, saluting womenhood, celebrating womenhood. But none appeased us one bit.

Then we came across this…

These celebs indeed had a point. They differed in their opinion and we agreed to it. With every day being a struggle for women, the increase in crimes against women, birth of a girl when becomes a cause of concern for the family, with dowry system still being prevalent, when she is berated each day for being a woman, how will a woman celebrate her being? We don’t have the heart to.

But then we come across this….

Just Another Day- Women’s Day

A video made viral by a YouTube channel which celebrates the Table’s Day. We can’t comprehend what the video seems to talk about, initially. Thing start to unfurl a bit then the picture comes into focus. That’s true, whatever is been said. It’s just another day. It’s Tables Day. And a sorry day #InternationalWomensDay

Do you also think so? We’d like to hear from you.


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