Know What Bollywood Thinks About NH10

NH10 has been a dream project for Anushka Sharma, even the audience, especially, Anushka’s fans had been eagerly waiting for the release of the film. The film’s trailer has put us all in a trance. And, we can’t wait to watch it, as it releases tomorrow! The film explores the topic that’s never seen before. As far as we can grasp from the trailer, it is a story about a vacation gone gory.

Will this film change the fate of the actor? Will it make Anushka Sharma, a performance-oriented actor? None the less, the film has ably received accolades from the industry veterans. From Karan Johar to Varun Dhawan, each one has been praising the film.

Here’s what Bollywood thinks about NH10.

So if you haven’t yet decided to watch or not to watch NH10, here’s our thought: 5 reasons to watch Anushka Sharma’s NH10. Perhaps, this will help you to decide.

Do let us know your review of the film, here, because we’d love to hear from you!

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