Baba Sehgal Shares The Secret Of His Healthy Life

To spice up your social life, you don’t really have to go out of the way to socialize. Facebook, Twitter are enough for the time being. And while at it, we recommend that you follow Baba Sehgal amongst other celebrities. This rapper from yesteryears is still that spunky, crazy rapper whose raps shall leave you in splits. He doesn’t mind rhyming fart with heart or art; it gets crazier when it tweets.

This man is back in news for all the right reasons. He has become a head turner on social media with his latest release Going to the gym. Sehgal writes on his YouTube channel that this song was conceived and shot in 30 minutes!   While it promotes healthy living, the song just gets livelier with the lame rhymes. Remember, fart with heart? Well, that’s what we meant when we said lame. What surprises us is that the song has crossed 1 lakh views already!

And the world too has been talking about it…

So haven’t been to the gym in long time? #JustGoToTheGym!

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