Rare Moments From Shashi Kapoor’s Life Caught On Camera

It is Shashi Kapoor’s birthday today and although we have expressed are heartfelt feelings for this auteur, actor, producers, we can’t thank him enough for his priceless contribution to the world of art and drama. We have sung his praises and his love for Prithvi theatre in our blog Shashi Kapoor’s Heart Rests In Prithvi Theater. We urge our readers to give it a read if you haven’t yet. The blog takes you through the realm of dramatics and the monumental place Prithvi theater where drama breathes and is bred like a king! We write this second blog to give you a glimpse into the rare moments from Shashi Kapoor’s life that have been caught on camera. Take a look: Shashi Kapoor Shashi Kapoor has been a lead protagonist in 8 English films. Over all, he did 12 English films. Shashi Kapoor He has appeared in 128 Hindi films and was seen in a supporting role in 21 Hindi films. Shashi Kapoor He has worked in 4 films as a child artist. Shashi Kapoor He also made a foray on small screen with series Kissa Kathmandu Ka. Shashi Kapoor He was one of the highest paid actors of his time. Shashi Kapoor He starred with Amitabh Bachchan in 11 films. Out of which 6 turned out to be flops at Box Office. Shashi Kapoor In 2 of his films he did double role- Haseena Maan Jayegi and Shankar Dada. Shashi Kapoor He was paid more than Amitabh Bachchan in 9 films! Shashi Kapoor He did 12 films with Sharmila Tagore and 10 with Rakhee Gulzar. Shashi Kapoor He appeared in 55 multi-starrer Hindi films. Shashi Kapoor Lastly, if you happen to drop by at Prithvi theatre you might find him there, with the theatre and its ambience being his solace and peace. If you adore him as much as we do then do send him your best wishes by commenting in the box below.

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