6 Bollywood Themed Restaurants In India

Ever been to a themed restaurant? We bet you are, may be a Jail or a village theme, that’s oft in this business. But then there are some really kickass ideas for these themed based restaurants and the one that more lauded is the Bollywood Theme. There are number of restaurants in India which are based on Bollywood theme. While some have put up the theme of their favourite cinema, some have gone a step ahead and dedicated an entire restaurant along with the menu to their favourite Bollywood celeb.

Earlier we told you about the food items named after Bollywood celebs, now check out these joints that just proclaim, Long Live Bollywood.

Mumbai, although happens to be the mother city for Bollywood, the restaurants that helm this theme are abundant in the capital city, Delhi and NCR areas.



Mumbai Matinee in Noida is a two storey café. The theme is so very Bollywood that it excites the Bollywood fanatic. Praising the ambience are the regulars of this restaurant. The concept of having ‘bollywood-like’ ambiance is very innovative and the place achieved the eye-catching objective, write one customer on a Restaurant reviewing website. Mumbai Matinee not only gives you the taste of Bollywood but has brought to this metropolitan the favourite Mumbaiyya burger, Vada Pav.




IIFA buzz in Gurgaon is yet another Bollywood themed restaurant which serves Bollywood on your platter. It celebrates the International Indian Film Academy Awards. Who wouldn’t wish to be an IIFA award winner? And so, here’s a chance, we, Bollywood lovers, should not miss.



If you have the appetite for the rouge dialogues and minty melodramas, then do visit Eatmor 70mm of Hyderabad. From the infamous cabaret dances of Bollywood to item numbers and lip-smacking cuisines, the place assures you of a filmy ambience. “The filmi theme is very good. Have been here couple of times before just for the bollywood feeling,” reads one of the reviews.



Yet another from the city of Charminar is one such restaurant that recreates the magic from Ramesh Sippy’s iconic film Sholay. With Basanti, Sambha, Jai-Veeru, gracing the walls and the legendary tanky stands tall and proud. Wish to sit by the tanky and relish your meal? Then do not miss out this place from your checklist when you visit Hyderabad.


And the silicon valley of India, Bangalore also has Bollywood’s best delicacies served with Bombay post. With the montage of Raj Kapoor, Nargis, Rajendra Kumar, Meena Kumari gracing the walls, the place is well lit and serves the filmy mood with panache!



Coming to closer home, one wouldn’t imagine that one could be so dedicated to Salman Khan that he/she resurrects a restaurant in his name! In the heart of Mumbai, where monumental film studios stand tall and a place which is a hub for the residences of film stars of Dabangg Khan’s likes, Bhaijaanz, screams fanaticism for Salman Khan! The place depicts Salman in different avatars and moods, you even get to see a Hulk Salman there. So if you happen to be Salman Khan fan and haven’t yet visited the place, then make sure you don’t give it a miss.

Have you been to any of these restaurants? Do write the review in the comments below.


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