We Stand By Anushka Sharma

Despite the fact that Indian team put up a great show at the #CCW15 loosing the semi-finals turned India into a chaotic country. India breathes, eats, sleeps cricket. Cricket is our religion and the cricketers are our gods. And when they don’t answer our prayers, the only resort left with us to vent our anger on social media. Although social media was abuzz with the disappointment floating in almost every tweet yet the netizens targeted Anushka Sharma for the loss! From the moment she was spotted to the moment when Virat was clean bowled and till the match came to a close, there was insistent chatter on social which blamed Anushka for the loss. Including tweets, memes and jokes Anushka was at the center of the hullabaloo.

The thing went out of hand when people stoned Anushka and number of sexist comments were passed. However, the question media raised in Anushka’s favour was why was she blamed? If Anushka was Virat’s wife, her presence would have definitely shut up the patriarchal Indians. But because she is Virat’s girlfriend, she was to be blamed for the loss. Why was Anushka never given credit when Virat was in good form, is our question to the male chauvinist out there. And something similar is the view of the celebrities who have stood for her.

Reacting to defamation, Anushka Sharma took a stand…



We won’t ask you your opinions here. We have gathered one too many. But out stand doesn’t change. We stand by Anushka Sharma.

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