Bollywood Song Parodies That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Some intelligence goes into making things go viral on the World Wide Web. Tweaking is just one formula that works but marrying Hollywood and Bollywood a difficult feat! But some videos that have gone viral on the social, achieve this feat hands down. Posteries, as the lad who runs this channel gladly calls it, has just parodies of Bollywood quintessential numbers. It may look bizarre, may not look bizarre. But it just makes you look at the video with mouth agape. To be sure of what you are doing and which music will suit which Bollywood song, is a task in itself but once you look at these videos, you too will be amazed much like we are!

Even Raveena wouldn’t have thought that her moves would suit Virus!

Jeetendra is totally hilarious; he just “killed” it literally.

We just wanna see the reactions of Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix and Like Mike after watching this video.

These odd moves of Sridevi and Anil Kapoor from Pyar Pyar Karte Karte meets Blame, ever imagine that?

Look, that’s how Sunny Deol grooves.

And this one is just too perfect….

This one sure is a Bonus! The pulsating moves of Beyonce just met the spicy Lavani….

Looking at the popularity of these videos, we can only be assured that the Indian choreographers from 80s and 90s do stand a chance in Hollywood.

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