Which Disney Character Are You?

Disney has always come up with uber cool and amusing caricatures that have entertained us for decades. They have only remade the age old fairytales but they have done it with grace and immense aplomb. We all love Disney characters and each of us has at least one trait that matches our favourite Disney princess, prince or villain. Now that we have said it, let’s make you meet your Disney self.

Post reading this; do let us know what Disney character are you.


Which Disney Character Are You?

Speak of her and you think of magic. If you think you are Cinderella, you have a strong belief in magic and miracles. You are honest, loyal and a dreamer. You can adhere to nonsense with dignity. You go with the flow and get engrossed in the work that you are busy doing so much so that you forget what time it is!


Which Disney Character Are You?

This pretty cool lady from Frozen is ultramodern, forward thinking, talented. Yet she has no faith in her talent, in fact it scares her. She can be independent and is pessimist, shy yet caring.


Which Disney Character Are You?

If you think you are Pumbaa then being lazy is your trait. You can be thick skinned and at times silly and confused. You are carefree, loving, loyal and friendly.


Which Disney Character Are You?

This blue skinned, alien looking, magic making fella is eccentric, adventurous, and fun loving.  He is also friendly and loyal. Has good sense of humor and has ability to perform miracles. Daring is a trait that gives an edge to the spirit of adventure in him.


Which Disney Character Are You?

The Lion King is born to lead. He is independent, courageous, thinks of happiness of others before thinking of himself. Can be selfless, happy go lucky, naïve and keeps going back in past.


Which Disney Character Are You?

This Princess from underwaters is quiet confident, stubborn as much as brave. She is loving but has insatiable curiosity.


Which Disney Character Are You?

She is completely Enchanted by her knight in the shining armour. She is innocent, romantic and naïve. She can do unusual stuffs like make a dress out of curtains and she can be naïve. She is a nature lover and can converse with birds and animals.

Prince Edward

Which Disney Character Are You?

This knight in the shining armour of Giselle can go to any extent to be with his love, Giselle. He is brave, clumsy, romantic, funny and silly fella.

Lizzie McGuire

Which Disney Character Are You?

If you think you are Lizzie then you too procrastinate and day dream like her. You too love fashion and think of yourself as Fashionista. You are sprightly, self-concious, confused, caring, often clumsy lassie who can sail through odds.

Flynn Rider

Which Disney Character Are You?

If you got yourself Tangled in this character and think that this is you then you are street smart like this street urchin. You can be cocky, arrogant, self-centered, money minded and laidback. But you are equally sensitive, agile, strong and have a good heart.

So which Disney character are you? Let us know in the comments below.

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