Pk’s Spoof Takes A Dig At Bollywood!

Out of the many videos going viral we came across this one and we think you better not miss it. Pk raked enough moolah at the Box Office and it was equally controversial. Perhaps the controversies helped it gain the popularity but one cannot ignore its success. This may be one reason why the spoof of Pk was made. But the spoof is absolutely hilarious. However, we wish it was sans the slang used. Now that we don’t really have a choice to let go we will just overlook the flaws and enjoy the moment. We guarantee that this video will make you crack up from frame one. It is not just Pk who is spoofed at but the entire Bollywood finds a frame dedicated to itself.

Title as Ck the film promising enough as it takes a dig at almost all the superstars of Bollywood. The film isn’t simply about an alien dropped on planet Earth. But it has Rohit Mehra from Koi Mil Gaya, Ra. One and Chulbul Pandey as well. What’s more? The spoof takes a dig at the duck faced lady and her alleged beau. The manner in which people are mocked at will leave you in splits.

Our suggestion, without much ado, watch the video and laugh out loud!

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts about the spoof.

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