11 Types Of Colleagues You Will Find In Every Office

Mondays can be boring. Tuesday turn out dull. We are able to get through Wednesday and by Thursday we eagerly await the weekend. Fridays bring us good newses, all those discount on drinks and free entry in the clubs and party invites! Not to mention the unplanned shopping spree. But while we try to mow our way to pass the long week, we forgot to notice the colleagues around us. It only for that reason we bring you this post.

We hope after reading this you shall be able to identify and match the following with your colleagues.

There is often that shy one who will smile ever so slowly and speak ever so softly

Opposite to the shy one is a schemer. He shall scheme and sail through the rough patches.

As cunning as the schemer is the blamer. He is the one to make terrible mistakes but he puts the blame on others.

Then the duper comes in play. His character goes hand in hand with the schemer and the blamer.

There is playboy around you and she’d sweet talk any girl to go out on a date with him.

A shapeshifter exists in each office. This one keeps on switching friend circle and often changes his opinions from person to person.

The F1 racer is that colleague of yours who can finish all the work in blink of an eye.

And there are the hardworkers who till and mine their way to success.

11 Types Of Colleagues You Will Find In Every Office










One fashionista exists in every office who has fetish for beauty products and will talk clothes, cosmetics and spas!

A hitchhiker is the one who carries a big potla on his back every day he comes to office. One is likely to find all the stuff required for a camping trip stuffed in this hitchhiker’s bag.

11 Types Of Colleagues You Will Find In Every Office









The romantic keeda is a dreamer and he keeps dreaming of his girl day in and day out. It is possible that proximity to these kinds will lend you the disease wherein you too shall be able to hear violins in day time.

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