#LOL This Is How #SunnyDeol, #NanaPatekar, #AkshayKumar And #ArvindKejriwal Were As Kids

Today being Childrens day the twitter and other social networking sites are filled with stuff that has the potential to go viral. Now, we saw the pics of the star kids, we saw pics of celebs as kids but the following videos is something out of this world. Highly creative and hilarious, these spoofs on Childrens day special are sure to tickle your funny bone.

Sunny craving for a cycle spurts out series of dialogues which his mother finds difficult to digest.

What Nana Patekar says during the recess hour of the school must’ve rooted the very idea of coming up with a film like Krantiveer.

Kejriwal was a stickler even in his bachpan.

And lastly, this l’IL Akshay must have been a pain in the nose for his teachers.

Hope you too enjoyed these videos, like share and comment your views. 🙂

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