We Think These Actors Are Perfect To Star In The Indian Version Of Friends!

Okay, we know there has been an attempt by the destructive filmy militants to remake Friends, the popular American sitcom, on Indian telly. The series that starred Simone Singh, Aparna Banerjee, Maria Goretti, Cyrus Broacha, Nikhil Chinnappa and Mandira Bedi, Hello Friends, was a huge flop! This may be because they tried to emulate the characters and they weren’t being themselves. However, if Friends was made in India, contemporary India, we’d take the liberty to handpick the characters because they suit the JD just fine. We have a fussy Chandler, perfectionist Monica, blonde babe Pheobe, hungry bird Joey, super cool Ross and rich kiddo Rachel, put the two and two together to get a perfect team of Friends.

If Friends was remade taking the television actors then we think these actors would do justice to the characters assigned to them.

Ranvir Shorey as Joey

 Indian Version Of Friends

Currently there is no other actor whose comic timing is as good as Shorey’s. Vir Das might come close but Shorey is equal to Surety! Therefore, he is our choice for Joey.

Jugal Hansraj as Chandler

 Indian Version Of Friends

Chandler Bing is that fussy guy whose parents are divorced and he finds solitude with his friends. What’s attractive about this character is his physical comedy. We know that Jugal Hansraj didn’t really do well as an actor but let’s give this a shot because we think that he’d do well as Chandler.

Rakhi Tandon as Pheobe

 Indian Version Of Friends

Rakhi Tandon as Sweety Mathur from Hum Paanch was an Indianized Pheobe so why not pull her back on screen when we know that she is good at the Pheobe thing.

Mandira Bedi as Monica

 Indian Version Of Friends

Mandira may have been a part of Hello Friends but we just want to bring her back in the picture because her perfection as a socialite has been enthralling. She is graceful and charming and she’d do really well as Monica Geller.

Rupali Ganguli as Rachel

 Indian Version Of Friends


Rachel might be that rich kiddo who knows nothing about how to earn money and jazz, she might be that spendthrift but deep inside she is Monisha Sarabhai, and we know it! And no one but Rupali Ganguli can breathe life into this character of Rachel Green.

Sumeet Raghavan as Ross

 Indian Version Of Friends

Who else but Sumit can complement Rupali! There is no doubt that he is a phenomenal actor and he is perfect cut out for Ross’s character, we strongly feel.

But if Friends was remade by casting Bollywood actors then we think these would have suited the character just fine.

Sonam Kapoor as Rachel

 Indian Version Of Friends


Sonam puts up no show of not being the rich kiddo. She is pampered woman who is indulgent, although she knows how to earn her living she is yet to take a flight on her own. She is the typical Aisha that she portrayed in her film and that’s why she is our first and only choice as Rachel Green.

Akshay Kumar as Ross

 Indian Version Of Friends

He can pull of any act stupendously and so we believe that this Bollywood hunk should be our Ross. Although the pairing of Ross and Rachel might look a little bizarre yet both being good actors can carry it well, we believe.

John Abraham as Joey

 Indian Version Of Friends

With those side bangs that he used to sport, John was always an Indian reincarnation of Joey. And he proved it in Garam Masala but if you haven’t seen that film, you can hardly connect with what we are trying to say here. Joey is John and John is Joey. He is perrrrrrrrrfect for the character! Period.

Kangana Ranaut as Pheobe

 Indian Version Of Friends

We know, we know, we know that it’d be utterly difficult for Kangana to act like a blonde but then she can at least try playing herself. Even if she does that, she is half way through to being the Indian Pheobe.

Arjun Rampal as Chandler

 Indian Version Of Friends

Chandler is hip and suave. He is sane and smart amongst the other fellas. He has that elusive aura about him. It is therefore that we think Arjun Rampal will be good as Chandler.

Jacqueline Fernandez as Monica

 Indian Version Of Friends

Jackie is anyways sailing on the cruise to Hollywood with her film, Definition of Fear. However, it would be a breakthrough if she can pull off being Monica Geller. This one is a layered character and you gotta be way too particular when to think of playing Monica.

This is all for this post, however, there will be more Friends post coming in. So watch this space for more.

And don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions below.

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