13 Mind-Blowing Acts Put Up By Bollywood Actors In 2014

Bollywood has been graced by many films this. Many have done well and many have turned out to be duds. However, some performances have remained ingrained in our mind for they posed substantial factors in it. These performances have had immense impact on our psyche. They had different shades to their personality and the actors who performed these characters did exceptionally phenomenal job. So kudos to the mind-blowing acts put up by Bollywood actors in 2014. Compiling a list of our favourite performances, please feel free to comment, like and share.

Parineeti Chopra in Hasee Toh Phasee

It is a tough task to pull off laughs for your act. You need to be the clown in get into the serious zone so that the world thinks you are crazy. One such “cucking frazy” performance given this year was by Parineeti Chopra. She could just make you laugh only by her weird demeanor. The out of the blue Japanese that she spurts or even the theories that she blabbers add to the hilarity of the character. This character simultaneously leaves you teary-eyed.

Alia Bhatt in Highway

No one else could have paralleled the character of Veera. Alia became one with the character and the result was one poignant film. We can’t really stop ranting about this film ‘coz this one is a must watch. For it is innocent and moving, it is strong and yet weak. It is a beautiful illustration of crumpled childhood and whiff of much needed freedom. Over all, it is beautiful. Alia is beautiful. Veera is Beautiful!

Sanjay Mishra in Ankhon Dekhi

The entire game which was about a quixotic oldie going an eventful, dreary journey of life would have been spoilt broth had it not been for Sanjay Mishra’s unfurled performance. Sanjay Mishra was unpredictable and engaging. The reviewers applauded his performances saying that he does portray a “well-meaning fool” with his “haunting brilliance.”

Varun Dhawan in Main Tera Hero

In a way it was a new age Govinda that we saw on-screen. But this Govinda was charming, endearing, smart and a complete delight to watch. Varun is innocent, vile and witty as Seenu. We loved his comic timing and his demeanor for it is refreshing and breezy. This film certainly a complete Bollywood masala entertainer.

Partho Gupte in Hawaa Hawaai

This young talent not only has a streak for acting but with this one he claims to be a phenomenal actor. His innocence and his dreams to sail high in the world of skating and sports makes the film ubiquitous and rich! The film about an orphan who wants to make it big in life is hefty with emotions however this wouldn’t have been possible if it had not been Partho Gupte as the lead, Arjun Waghmare.

Rajkumar Rao in Citylights

Rajkumar Rao bagged a National Film Award for Best Actor and his acting prowess is thus proved. But his grippingly glorious performance as Deepak Singh makes us empathetic towards unfortunate life he and his family is forced to live. The film might be a remake but without the brawny performances, it would have tanked at BO. The audience raved about this film and they love it all the same. The film is merciless yet doesn’t pose over-the-top emotions.

Riteish Deshmukh in Ek Villain

Riteish who has been persistently engaged in adult comedies decided to break out of the comfort zone and it worked well for him. The Indian audience got to see the boldness of his talent and the willingness that rested within the actor. He as an antagonist is a tad difficult to imagine but yes, he was ruthless in his slaying. And he brought about the horrors as if they were real. This villain proved to be the hero of the film!

Priyanka Chopra in Mary Kom

Priyanka Chopra put her heart and soul into this act despite the death of her father. Like they say, the show must go on, the iron lady attached herself strongly to the character, put behind her past and got on to bring the World Champion to life on celluloid. And she did an extraordinary job! The world lauded her for the act so much that we’d want to see PeeCee doing more such roles in future.

Pankaj Kapur in Finding Fanny

Pankaj Kapur is one versatile actor who has been pulling off laughs from the audience since his heydays. He can and he does play the characters of antagonist with equal vigor. His character of  Don Pedro in Homi Adjania’s Finding Fanny brought back the memories of Jalwa, the same old Goa terrain and the same old Albert Pinto. Albeit Pedro was way different from Pinto yet we couldn’t stop ourseloves from going back the ’87 action-thriller. Pankaj Kapur as Pedro was one ruffled character with grey shades. He was funny and chaotic all at the same time. He messed around with our minds the minute he began to paint Rosie on the canvas.

Tabu in Haider

The character seems fleeting passé for the most part of the film but it gains momentum towards the end. There is no way one can forget Tabu as Ghazala. She is heartbroken, striving lady, who is taken away from her son and her husband. She is forlorn yet intriguing. The film is layered and so are the characters.

Shahid Kapoor in Haider

This film is the one that uplifts Kapoor lad’s career. There is no denying that his career was in a fading phase, however, with Haider stepping in, he gained impetus as an actor. No one ever doubted his acting skills but he was adored more in his chocolate boy avatar. Shahid Kapoor as Haider is sound, supple and astounding. His theatrics are good throughout the film, however, the hysteria that gets better of him during the marriage of her mother; following thus he puts up an act “Ek Aur Bismil” which is staggeringly beautiful!

Randeep Hooda in Rang Rasiya

The film took years to release but when it did, it left us in awe. Ketan Mehta ably portrays the life of a controversial artist within 132 minutes. The man who became common man’s man, who was revered yet despised, was competently portrayed by Randeep Hooda. In fact, the film was his own, he was embroiled in the character way so much that he brought Raja Ravi Varma to life, this sojourn in the life of a passionate painter would have been incomplete if Hooda wasn’t the one to portray it.

Rajpal Yadav in Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain

While the story of the film is irritably evoking, yet the performances can’t be overlooked. The character of Dilip played by Rajpal Yadav is striving for a better life and is an opportunist. However, his dreams are crushed and everything is left lifeless by Union Carbide, the company which he considered to be his Almighty! Kal Penn, Martin Sheen, Mischa Barton are a strong cast yet the film encapsulates the entire incident through the life of a petty factory worker. Yadav isn’t over-the-top, he is generous with his expression, good with his dialogues and that is just about enough to bring out the life of the Carbide workers.

Which of these was your favorite performance or have we forgotten to mention it? Write to us in the comments below.

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