10 K3G Style Gifts For The Holiday Season

Bollywood is not just films rather it is a baggage full of joys and sorrows. We harp on these films when we wish to laugh or when we wish to cry or even when our mind is simply a blank slate. These films are our solace in solidarity. ‘Know what we mean? Aah, in lay man’s lingo, they are our time pass! But then there are those quintessential Bollywood over melo-dramatic sagas that are often on a repeat mode for the Telly viewing. These sagas have immense moral values, emotions, romance and theatrics attached to it. They are indecipherable, invincible, unbeatable, unforgettable tales. One such tale happens to be from KJo. KJo sure must be in celebratory mood for not only his acting debut film, DDLJ, completes 1000th week but his directorial debut completed 16 years and his closer to heart Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham completes 13 years!

So here’s to the auteur who gave us K3G, we load this post with K3G style gifts for the Holiday Seasons, hope you’ll like it 😉

10 K3G Style Gifting For The Holiday Season

Dude, when it comes to K3G there is couture, real couture, real Indian couture, real Indian shimmering couture! So if you have to gift something try the dazzling Lehenga-Choli.

10 K3G Style Gifting For The Holiday Season

And you, Ma’am, can pick one of the coolest Sherwanis.

10 K3G Style Gifting For The Holiday Season

Now that the dressing is kinda sorted, we think that Bangles are a must accessories to go with the Lehenga-choli outfit, so don’t forget to add that to the gifts list.

10 K3G Style Gifting For The Holiday Season

Moving on, the film also made famous the girlie and chic rexine crop tops and micro-mini skirts/ trousers. If your girl fancies this dress code (and has the figure flaunt it) then go for this gift. We bet you too are gonna like it 😉

What else can you gift your beloveds this Holiday season? Something as expensive as Helicopters and sleek cars, if you will? Your family is gonna love you for this!

10 K3G Style Gifting For The Holiday Season

Something ultra classy gift for the seasons would be a Mansion, a Manor…or an alternative for that would be a villa.

10 K3G Style Gifting For The Holiday Season

A free educational scholarship for your nerdy sibling is also an innovative gifting idea that we think you ought to pick right up from the film. Who knows when your sibling receives his/her first award they might just dedicate it to you!

10 K3G Style Gifting For The Holiday Season

Or if all of these aren’t in your budget then try gifting a package of Alok Nath’s sanskari sermons to your holistic parents. You’d get a lifetime supply of ashirwads in return, for certain.

10 K3G Style Gifting For The Holiday Season

If it’s more budgeted shopping then try buying CDs of all the patriotic songs and films. We bet its gonna stir a revolution.

10 K3G Style Gifting For The Holiday Season

Or how about a quirky book of witty tongue twisters? Like Chandu Ke Chacha Ne Chandu Ki Chachi Ko Chandi Kay Chamche Se Chutni Chatayi?!

Cool, isn’t it?

Try them and let us know what your friends & family say about it.

Till then Cheers.

Happy Holidays.

Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year.

Let’s celebrate #13YearsOfK3G! *teehee* 😀

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