Our Reaction When Indians Show Their Tevar

Recently, before the launch of film #Tevar’s trailer, the social world went abuzz with the hashtag #ShowYourTevar. While this was for the contest run by the film’s official handle, @TevarMovie, we came across some zany images that perfectly match the hashtag.

The world searches on Google and Google serves it on platter. Meanwhile in India, when we take things literally.

Forget prams, this is how you ought to hold your baby.


This is called being extra-cautious.


Even Madonna can never give a pose as good as this one!


Steve Jobs must be tossing in his grave after he sees this…


And the following is the best life hack ever!


Apparently, post this pic, the bridegroom ran away from his marriage.


That’s a REAL Indian BMW!


We bet PETA will award this woman for her love of animals!


We can even kiss a donkey to prove our smartness…


If your refrigerator stops working, you can cool your drinks like this…


Garmi mein bhi thandi ka ehsaas.


Taashan full on!


Why should Boys have all the fun?


In India we all have become used to weird things. In fact we have learnt to live this weird life to the fullest. And these images vouch for our weirdness, #Attitude dekh.

We do not know how well the film Tevar will fare at Box Office but we are sure Indian have Tevar enough.


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