Food Diaries: Foodie But No Non-Veg Please Says Richa Chadda

Food Diaries- Richa ChaddaFew posts ago we started Food Diaries, taking this a step ahead, we once again bring you a tête-à-tête with one of the bold and beautiful diva of Bollywood, Richa Chadda. We need not introduce the fiery lady for her work speaks for itself- Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!, GOW, Fukrey– they all endorse and amplify Richa as a feisty character. However, this feisty starlet chooses conventional food. Non-veggie food is something she grimaces at. “When I was shooting with Kalki Koechlin in Sweden for Jiah Aur Jiah, she persuaded me to taste non- vegetarian food.  She coaxed me to try out mussels. But I didn’t succumb to her pressure.”

So you do not like Non-veg food?

Everyone in my family is a non-vegetarian except me. I’ve never had non-vegetarian food since childhood. When I was a child, I figured out to my horror that non-vegetarian food is prepared by killing animals. There was no question of having it. I love animals. And now I work for PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) in Kamla Nagar.

But, have you never even tasted Non-veg?

I have begun consuming eggs lately as you need some protein in your diet. But paratha, dal makhani and generous quantities of butter and ghee are Punjabi staples, which I have been having since childhood. Today I dig simple homemade food.

Vegetarian food is your delight, is it?

If you want to make me happy, get me brown rice/rice with dal, a spoonful of desi ghee and pickle. I’ll be content.

Does that mean that you always go for healthy food and never have indulged in street food?

The best food I have ever consumed abroad was the street food in Paris. The food was so fresh. The sweets and chaat of Bengali market in Delhi are famous. As kids, whenever we wanted to have chaat, we’d go to Chandini Chawk or to Khan Market. We’d eat delicious Kathi rolls at Khan chacha’s eatery. He is been there since 1950s. There is an awesome chole bhaturewalla in Kamla Nagar. I had the best New York cheesecake in Sweden. I love Japanese food too. Vegetarian sushi is my favourite. It’s healthy and doesn’t make you sluggish. I like Chinese Thai and Burmese cuisines as well. I dig Khow suey, red Thai curry and pan-seared steamed dim sums.

Which are your favourite food joints?

Hakkasan in Mumbai serves the best Japanese food. Nom Nom serves some great Burmese food. Trikaya in Mumbai has the most delectable Burmese Khow suey. In Delhi the All American Diner serves the best burgers in town. Recently, I have discovered a good French restaurant there. You can often see me running to JW Marriot, Mumbai between 11-12 pm to have Chinese food. I love their noodles. I love South Indian food too because it has a variety for vegetarians. Dakshinayan serves the best South Indian food in Mumbai.

So you don’t really adhere to strict healthy food diet?

Once a week I eat everything that I like – biryani, pizza, pasta, dal makhni… even ice-cream. When I crave for some special dish, I behave like a pregnant woman. Even if it is midnight, I don’t give up till I get what I crave.

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