Cinephiles Take An Oath. Say NO To Crappy Remakes!

There was a time when Bollywood comedies did amuse us. But with the advent of Humshakals-esque films we have started to drift apart from these classic comedies. Amol Palekar particularly reigned back then. He was fabulous as Laxman (Gol Maal) so much so that Rohit Shetty let go of his franchise films and came up with a remake. It’s another story that the film, Bol Bachchan, didn’t do well at box office but the impact of the classic comedy remained. It reflected throughout the Rohit Shetty film. Shetty wasn’t blanched by the idea of endorsing Bol Bachchan as a remake film.

The trend of remake that has crept in Bollywood has spread its vicious roots far and wide so much that the filmmakers openly call their films an ode to the original film. It is unbelievable! Earlier it was merely Hollywood that was been Indianzied by Bollywood but off late Indian filmmakers have started triggering the Indian classic cinema. While we believe that by doing so the Indian filmmakers only tamper the charm of the original masterpiece, we also know that there is not a thing that will deter the growth of the trend.

Bollywood Remakes

For a cinephile it is annoying and equivalent to a brain surgery to see his favourite classic film being dissected. It is excruciatingly painful! If the filmmakers are sure they cannot remake films like a Life of Pi or an Avatar because of their pristine beauty, then why fool around with the Indian classic cinema. We had multiple examples where the beauty of the original classics is only hampered by its remake. Agneepath, Himmatwala, RGV Ki Aag and the list is long.

What’s more irksome is that actors blindly follow the lead of the director. Amitabh Bachchan who worked in Sholay wasn’t one bit hesitant to give a nod to RGV Ki Aag. Just to refresh your memories, he reprised the role of Gabbar Singh. Amjad Khan made the character immortal with his hideous laugh, walk and talk but what Big B did with his role is only spoil the fun. And then there was a nasal singer who dared to walk in Rishi Kapoor’s shoe. How could you, man! And Rishi Kapoor himself was all dare devilry in KJo’s Agneepath. Where has the Indian cinema come to?

Like we said, the list of crappy remakes is way too long. We totally believe that Indian filmmakers will stay away from remaking a Twilight in Bollywood but then who knows a self- proclaimed television goddess might accomplish the unfulfilled feat. When it comes to Bollywood one cannot predict what will be up next. But we only pray that it is not another crappy remake.

For now, let’s just say NO to the crappy remake!


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